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The Landscape Supply Yard

114 Summerhill Drive

Palmerston North

Ph: (06) 929 4002
E-mail: contact@thelsyard.co.nz

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Hardscaping Materials


  • Coachbolts
  • Coachscrews
  • Hinges
  • Latches
  • Nails


We have range of pavers in store.  Come in and have a look!


Railway sleepers (creosoted pine) $52 each Sleepers-Railway
Macrocarpa sleepers – 2.1m long $36 each
Macrocarpa timber 150 x 50 (ideal for raised vege gardens) $10 per linear metre  
Totara battens (currently out of stock) $1 each TotaraBattens
Totara posts – 1.8m $16 each TotaraPosts















Old red bricks $1
Ponga logs – 1.8m/2.4m $12/$16
Cement 40kg $18
RTU concrete 30kg $17.10
RTU 15 minute concrete 30kg $18.60
Mortar Mix 30kg $18.70
Paving Joint Sand 30kg $14


We stock a range of products and materials to complete your drainage job, including:

  • Novaflo 65mm perforated pipe, $4.50 per linear metre
  • Novaflo 110mm perforated pipe, $5.10 per linear metre
  • Drainage stone (13mm round stone – see our Stones & Aggregates page)